PayPal is a outstanding option for customers to feel safe when shopping online but that is not the case for small businesses, we've had an extremely awful experience with PayPal. 
  • Let's say you want to place a custom made safe, high-value order with PayPal that we have to then order from the manufacturer, we can not use that money to transfer the funds to the manufacturer before the product has been delivered. 
  • PayPal has also frozen accounts without warning - which can be disastrous for businesses. 
  • PayPal's Algorithm can sometimes detect suspicious behaviors for no reason. And when that happens PayPal automatically freezes our account, along with the funds.
  • PayPal's customer service is terrible and do not give clear answers other than '' please wait 6 months for us to review'' 
  • Their whole policy seems to be made on the basis of creating any excuse to hold your money for as long as they possibly can
Unless you are a well established business with hundreds of thousands of dollars for ''backup'' in case something like this happens it's simply just not worth it.
Here is a link for PayPal's trust pilot page with 86% 1 star reviews:
PayPal has taken a turn for the worse and is not the trusted, beneficial company it once was. 
We Stand behind our business and customers and even if it might feel risky paying without PayPal, rest assured we will always be transparent and deliver the products & refunds to our customers.
We hope you understand,
The Safe & Security Store Team.