Things You Need to Know Before Buying Fireproof Home Safes

With the increased risk of fire outbreaks, do you feel the need to get fireproof safe? If you answered yes, then you came to the right place! At Safe&, we offer our clients a wide range of fireproof safe depending on each of their needs. We also offer other products, including; watch winding safes, security safes, gun safes, and much more!

Having a plan for your documents and money before a fire outbreak is essential. However, the extensive range of fireproof safe on the market today can sometimes make it difficult to decide on the right fireproof safe. H re are important things you need to know before getting any of the fireproof home safes for sale from your favorite vendor;

  • Type of Fireproof Safe

There are different types of fireproof safes, each created with unique features that can withstand high-temperature levels differently. They include paper fireproof safes, digital media fireproof safe, and magnetic media fireproof safe. The paper safe is perfect for people who want to store their passports, certificates, and other important documents. The digital media fireproof safe is best for storing items like hard drives, DVDs, iPods, tablets, memory cards, and other gadgets that involve relevant digital media. Finally, the magnetic media safe stores videotape, audiotapes, films, and negatives. It’s meant to store vulnerable items that can configure and degrade due to heat.

  • Different Types of Fire Rating

When shopping for fireproof safes for sale, it's crucial to think about the different sorts of fire ratings. A UL or US-built safe that is certified fireproof and has a rating of 1 or higher is suggested. It is also important to check if it has a fire seal because metal tends to expand when heated. A quality fire seal will expand at least 5 times and will not let the fire or smoke enter the safe.


  • Lock Mechanism

There are three kinds of lock mechanisms for fireproof safes; key, coded, and bio-metric. Therefore, it would help if you’d considered what you want in advance before shopping for the safes. Consider how valuable your items are and how much protection you need for them. The bio-metric lock is the best option for high security valuable because the safe will be opened with a programmed combination and several fingerprints that only the owner knows.

  • Heaviness and Portability

When buying a fireproof home safe for sale, you need to consider weight and portability before making the purchase. If you don’t want it embedded into your home, then you need a lighter safe. You have to make sure that you will be able to carry it in case you decide to change its location.